Voter Contact

We are a nationally-recognized firm that specializes in high-impact voter contact mail. We make voters sit up and take notice. Frontline experience is what sets us apart. We are experienced with Gubernatorial, Senate, Congressional, Attorney General, as well as State Legislative and Court races.

Integrative Approach

We’ve fought the toughest battles in the most-purple of states and we know what it takes to deliver successful voter contacts. Persuasion Partners crafts state-of-the-art contact programs that integrate all aspects of your voter contact strategies to ensure your message hits home.

Creative Campaigns

Winning matters. Persuasion Partners has the experience and winning record to craft a message that stands out from the pack. We deliver a personal approach that provides you with service and efficiency unmatched in the industry to ensure you can drive your message or respond decisively.

Making an Impact Across the Nation

  • Integrated voter contact mail
  • Digital advertising
  • Franked Mail Communications
  • Phones
  • Website design and development
  • Email Strategy
  • Social Network engagement

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